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InDesign CS2 Training Tutorial

InDesign CS2 Training Tutorial

Product Information

Mastering Adobe InDesign CS2 

Mastering Indesign CS2 is a must-have training tutorial simulation for the beginner, as well as a handy reference tool for the professional page designer.

New improved interactivity and full screen display to maximize your learning!


  • Master Adobe InDesign CS2 techniques through real projects
  • Clear Step-by-Step guide with Narrated Instructions
  • View in full screen (1024 X 768 pixels or higher)
  • Work with Dynamic Simulations, not sequential static displays
  • Use sample files to practice along in Adobe InDesign CS2 software program
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Up to 20X faster than learning from a book
  • Build you own lessons for classroom or individual use
  • Approximately 20 Hours training time
  • Naration: Darryl Berk, renowned voice specialist

Lesson1 :

  • Launch Adobe InDesign CS2

  • Open and close Adobe Photoshop files

  • Navigate around your work area

  • View your document at different magnifications

  • Use some of the basic tools from the Toolbox to edit images

  • Select, rearrange, and use various palettes on your workspace

  • Customize your workspace

  • Use palette menus

  • Navigate through your document

  • Work with layers

  • Use InDesign Help

Lesson 2:


  • Create and save a custom page size

  • Create a new document based on your custom page definitions

  • Set up and edit master pages

  • Create foot note frames in your master page

  • Add text and graphic placeholder frames

  • Create text frames with columns

  • Apply master pages to document pages

  • Add sections in your document to change page numbering

  • Add, delete, and rearrange pages in your document

  • Place text and graphics on document pages

  • Override master page items on your document pages

Lesson 3:


  • Modify text and graphic frames

  • Create new frames

  • Duplicate a frame and its contents

  • Move and replace contents within its frames

  • Convert frame shapes

  • Rotate, align, and group objects

  • Adjust the text inset in a frame

  • Wrap text around an image

Lesson 4:


  • Create a headline and apply a style

  • Use various ways to flow text into your document

  • Resize your text frames to fit your text

  • Load and apply styles from another document

  • Align your text vertically and horizontally

  • Work with columns

  • Thread text

  • Create a page continuation note

  • Use the Find/Change function

  • Use Check Spelling and other InDesign spell check features

  • Create text on a path

Lesson 5:


  • Use a baseline grid to align your text

  • Adjust the spacing above and below a paragraph

  • Change fonts and type style

  • Change paragraph alignment

  • Apply fills, strokes, and gradients to text

  • Create a drop cap in your paragraph


  • Adjust the kerning and tracking between text

  • Create a hanging indent

  • Create a paragraph rule

Lesson 6:


  • Add colors to the Swatches palette

  • Create tints, spot colors, and gradients

  • Apply colors to objects to text

  • Create dashed strokes

  • Create a gradient with multiple colors

  • Apply a gradient across multiple objects

  • Set up color management in InDesign

Lesson 7:


  • Create and apply object styles

  • Create and apply character styles

  • Create and apply paragraph styles

  • Load styles from another document

  • Nest character styles inside paragraph styles

  • Globally update styles

Lesson 8:


  • Update revised graphics

  • Remove a white background in InDesign

  • Import graphics using Adobe Bridge

  • Work with alpha channels in Photoshop files

  • Import Photoshop files with layers and layer comps

  • Import an Illustrator file

  • Import an Illustrator file with layers

  • Use a library to store commonly used objects

Lesson 9:


  • Import a table created in Microsoft Word
  • Format the borders of the table
  • Apply alternating row colors
  • Apply strokes to table cells
  • Format the heading cells in the table
  • Add and delete columns
  • Adjust column width and row height
  • Place graphics in table cells
  • Apply character styles to text in a table
  • Work with tables in existing text frames

Lesson 10:

  • Adjust the transparency of solid-colored objects
  • Apply different blending modes to transparency
  • Apply feathering to objects to soften their edges
  • Create a drop shadow
  • Adjust the transparency of an EPS image
  • Adjust the transparency of a Photoshop image
  • Adjust the transparency of an Illustrator image
  • Apply transparency to text

Lesson 11:

  • Create a book project
  • Add documents to the book
  • Set the order for the documents in the book project
  • Set the page numbering in documents for the book
  • Generate a table of contents
  • Reassign the style source and synchronize the book documents to the styles source to create consistency across the book files
  • Create index references and cross-references
  • Generate an index for the book

Lesson 12:

  • Use Preflight to check for errors
  • Package your document and get it ready for printing
  • Create an Adobe PDF [?] file for proofing
  • Use Separation Preview to see how colors affect your document
  • Use the Transparency Flattener preview
  • Preview the page
  • Set up and print a proof


  • Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP [?]
  • Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
  • 32MB RAM
  • 10MB free disk space
  • 24x CD [?]-ROM

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